“Surging” life changes and charity begging

It’s been a long, long time since I wrote on this blog.  I have 3 posts that I half wrote, then gave up on as something shiny appeared in the corner of my eye. That or I was being shouted at for not cleaning quickly or well enough.

First things first, I am to be a father. In the grand scheme of things, becoming a father happens to millions of people every day. However to me, it changes everything. I finally have someone to teach about games and to play with! Keeping all my old consoles is no longer considered hoarding, it’s for educational purposes. I knew that setting up my retro corner in the 2nd bedroom would work out, as that is now my babies room. One side for sleeping and being sick, the other side to learn about the intricacies of why the Dreamcast controller is ergonomically wrong (despite being ahead of it’s time).

The 20 week scan happened last week, so we now know it will be a boy. In my mind it was going to be a girl, so I could boast about raising a girl that wore dresses yet could perfect you on Tekken. Shocked as I was, a boy will do just fine. I have already picked out the Pokemon onesies to dress him in whenever Jade isn’t around. The new plan would be to slightly switch up the blog into a ‘father gaming’ type story. A quick google search gives a hell of a lot of websites, blogs, vlogs and other assorted media types. “MINE WILL BE DIFFERENT” comes the cry of my mind. It won’t be, but it will be mine so I will soldier on. If anyone wants to sponsor me or advertise on my page let me know so I can propel myself into super internet stardom.

Sponsorship does lead me on very nicely to my other point. Last year myself and a group of friends organised and ran a charity event at my place of work (a certain pharmaceutical chain head office – rhymes with Hoots). It was a moderate success with Mario Kart, Tekken, Marvel Vs Capcom and other assorted retro oddities. We raised around £180 for a local children’s charity Rainbows. As a lover of games, the idea of playing at work on a projector makes me very happy so I am running it again this year!

Boots Gaming Heroes

If anyone would be kind enough to take a look, throw some sponsorship our way or even provide some prizes that would be FANTASTIC. Currently we looking at running a Fifa 17 tournament, a Street Fighter V tournament and Pacman 256 high score, each with prizes for the winners and possible wooden spoons for the losers. All proceeds will go to Macmillan. We will possibly be live streaming the event on Twitch so for anyone that can’t be there (probably most of the internet) then you can at least enjoy the proceedings online. I will throw up the link closer to the day (or when I figure out how Twitch works).

So enough housekeeping, onto what I’ve been playing. Seeing as it’s been months since I last wrote – a lot. My current favourites are:

Disgaea V on Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch

Injustice 2 on PS4

The Surge on PS4

The Surge is an odd choice for me to put on the list as I can’t actually work out if  I am enjoying it or not. For anyone that doesn’t know what it is, it is essentially Dark Souls in space. It’s slow, plodding progression, hulking monsters and upgrade system all wear it’s influences on it’s sleeve.

The part that I am still not sure about is it’s ISP. In the The Surge, in order to upgrade parts of your suit, you need specific pieces of ‘material’. In order to obtain them, you must target specific limbs and other parts of your opponents body. Attacking them will build up a meter, then you can unleash a finishing move to cut that part off, gleefully storing the severed head in your pocket for safe keeping. Whilst fun, it does present a problem for anyone familiar with Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Once locked onto an enemy, you then can’t switch without unlocking, then re-locking. Not the end of the world, but multiple times I have been surrounded, wanting to switch to a more immediate threat and instead just poking the leg of the wrong enemy. Like I said, not game breaking, but I do find it an odd choice, especially as the upgrade system doesn’t really add anything to the game, apart from an added layer of irritant as you look to build a better arm, but can’t as you’ve been masochistically lopping off heads on your journey.

Which brings me back to the question ‘Am I actually enjoying this?’. The last paragraph goes on about what I don’t like about it and if I am honest I am struggling to come up with anything I do like about it beyond the fact I keep coming back to it. It must be the constant edging towards a new upgrade or helmet that keeps me going. A sure metaphor for life (maybe)!

Wrapping up nicely as I am being beckoned to go buy some paint – please sponsor me if you have some spare change, prizes or are a wealthy millionaire, it would mean the world to me and my fellow game enthusiasts. Plus I have a child on the way, so god knows I need all the moral support I can get!


Toodles x

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