Marvel’s Spider-Man – review

The hype surrounding Insomniac’s Spider-Man game was massive. I saw posts about how New York’s subway had been transformed into a Spider-Man theme park, billboards across the country had gone up, even bus stops had Peter Parker’s masked face adorning them. I told myself “I don’t need to buy this at release, with all this press they must be expecting to need a sales push, … Continue reading Marvel’s Spider-Man – review

I <3 Shenmue, yet I don't remember any of it.

When the Shenmue HD Remasters were announced around 50 years ago, I remember doing a lot of dancing and reminiscing about the glory days of the Dreamcast, VMU and forklift trucks. I may have even thought the phrase ‘games were better back in my day’. With no solid release date, I fired up Shenmue 2 on my 1999 original Sega Dreamcast and began a long … Continue reading I ❤ Shenmue, yet I don't remember any of it.

Shadow Tactics: T’Blades of T’Shogun

This is now the second day in a row of writing my blog. Magically, I am even reading and editing before I post now. This paragraph is on it’s 3rd iteration (but I don’t think you would ever know from the quality. I also have a correction to make from yesterday – there were actually 24 views, not 12. That means that you all looked … Continue reading Shadow Tactics: T’Blades of T’Shogun